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(Renata Sidorenko)
Russia 1973

Saraswati - in Indian pantheon she is a goddess of creativity, education, development. "Have Fun" it is just what it sounds: having fun, I look for an entrance to the world of miraculous, fantastic. And try to bring fun to others.

Silly, funny, something touching is breaking the established order of the world with its absence of seriousness, breaking the canons of the "great art". It's a toy-life in the little core of the heart.".Mother, at the time I still lived inside of you, there was a house with coloured pebbles, I remember". A world where cups don't break and all wishes are instantly fulfilled. A door or rather a window to the world of the unknown.

Clay it is a sign of an entrance to ancient layers of cultures where condensed packets of old information are wrapped tightly and where the esthetics of the future is born. It is a micro-world of creatures from forgotten tales of childhood and this virtual world is created in accordance with the universal laws of harmony. And this is the reason why all these useless things suddenly become alive and significant. One would like to look at them carefully, to play with them, to attach them to a wall. To include them in our everyday life as a signal, a sign of the times when everyone of us believed that a Fay of dreams world come in with an umbrella full of dreams and fairytales and tenderly blow them over your eyes And then Anyone can guide Alice into Wonderland.

With all this profusion of details the works look symbolic. The reason is that the laws of harmony are the same in micro and macro-worlds.

Henry Matisse said that a picture is good if you can look at it for a long time. The works of Saraswati are worth a long attentive look. It is a contemplation of beauty, insight into the laws of harmony; it brings into you an inspiration to create. And behind all this finality and perfection are some lightness and simplicity which awakes creativity in us. It is simple, so do come, we teach just this! (White Peacock)

Neurotic and psychotic discourses of the 20th century are coming to the end. And instead comes an aspiration towards harmony and spirituality, the sacredness of all living things.

Dana Utemisova, Kazakhstan

She was trained by her mother Anna Morozova in the art of Ceramics from the age of twelve to seventeen. Later she went on to develop her own skills in ceramics which she continued working on during her formal education and vocation. A Graduate from Cheliabinsk University in Russian Language and Literature she worked with the Zlatoust TV News Company, Russia as a News Anchor and correspondent for nearly five years. While in Russia she also worked in a Metal Engraving Workshop as an Artist and Designer for a period of three years.

In Auroville since 2004, for nearly three years she worked in Auromode as a designer crafting Jewellery and Accessories. Eventually she started her own ceramic unit called Have Fun Pottery. Apart from running this unit, she is currently teaching in Deepanam School and is also involved in the projects White Peacock and Rainbow Child.


1992 Oct, 1st solo exhibition in the Museum of Armour, Zlatoust - Russia.

1993 - 2003 Sept Participation in annual exhibition of the Zlatoust branch of United Association of Artists, Russia.

1995 - 2001 July Participation in annual regional festival of arts and crafts 'Bazovskij Festival'

1996 May Solo exhibition at Ipswich Townhall, Ipswich U.K. during the Russian festival in U.K.

1999 Dec Participation in the exhibition of the regional branch of United Association of Artists, Chelyabinsk

2008 Mar Exhibition called Pottery Poetry along with Anna Morozova at the Tibetan Pavilion, Auroville.


ceramic miniature by Saraswati