Creating a mosaic track

We have a club where we share the process of mashing clay with the others. It’s called ‘White Peacock’. Last year The club got a new building. No need to say that we learned a lot during the construction time. However the financial burden was taken away by our amazing friends straight at the beginning, so it was not too hard alltogether.

The yard decided to plan ourselves, without an architect. This is a very important part of our life, our outdoor classroom, where all the most crowded classes happen. The climax of the landscape supposed to be a welcoming mosaic path, going from the gate to the entranse of the studio. We found ourselves in front of two contradicting tasks – to involve as many people including kids as possible and to make the path proprly, professionally, strong and smooth.

Decorative materials such as stone leftover, ceramic tiles etc. we collected for free from the workshops. In order to pay for the rest – cement-sand-blue metals-mason wages – we received a grant.
You can see on the photos the moments when young artists work hard on the composition and the time when mason with our help piece by piece transfers the pictures to the actual site. We were overflowing with happiness those days.

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